Pour, Puddle, Drip Lift, Peel, Cut Crazy Cool Stuff You Can Only Do with Acrylic Paints

Saturday, February 11, 2012 10 am – 4 pm at Michele’s studio in Emeryville, California

You may have seen artists using acrylic “skins” – sheets of pure paint collaged onto canvas, stacked into multilayered sheets and cut or carved into, adhered to metal or wood armatures and more. Acrylics lend themselves exceedingly well to unusual applications that blur the boundaries between painting, sculpture and mixed media.

They can be poured in puddles of various sizes, delicately dripped or threaded onto a surface or layered in clear, thick resin-like fashion. Fields of paint can spread to dry and then lifted and collaged on surfaces such as paintings, books, sculpture, wood, fabric, gourds etc. The sheets can be transparent like glass, iridescent, matte or completely opaque.

You can also create resin-like pours over surfaces with no toxic or hazardous materials, or fumes.

Learn the best paints and mediums, tools, surfaces for a wide variety of applications and save tons of time by tapping into my 10 years of experience with this technique. We’ll discuss the work of modern and contemporary artists such as Jules Olitski, Lynda Benglis and Beatriz Milhazes for inspiration.

Your tuition covers ALL materials you’ll need including:

  • An abundant supply of dozens of the latest acrylic mediums.
  • Huge selection of acrylic colors and inks (every gorgeous color your heart could desire)!
  • Tools, brushes, mixing bottles, nitrile gloves (just because the mediums are sticky, don’t worry everything  we are using is AP certified non-toxic)
  • Surfaces to experiment on: polypropleyne, canvas, paper, panels, canvas boards, acetate.
  • That’s use of thousands of dollars of materials and tools in my studio for just the cost of one workshop. (If you’ve been in an art store lately you’ll know this is no exaggeration!)

Isn’t it nice to be able to just show up?
Of course, feel free to bring your favorite colors, tools if you like. And an apron is always a good idea.

Questions?  Contact info@themindfulartist.com for help!

$125 (USD) includes all materials.


Email info@themindfulartist.com to be added to the waiting list.

FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO REGISTER will receive a special bonus kit of over $50 of acrylic colors and mediums.