with Michele Théberge

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Would you like to devote yourself more fully to your art?

Have you thought about getting your art out in the world but aren’t even sure how to get started or feel intimidated?

How would it feel to be more organized? What if it was effortless?

Do you often feel at the end of the day that you didn’t really get done the things that you meant to get done?

Imagine for a moment with me…

  • You wake up every day excited about the day ahead.
  • You are so connected to your art practice that you are thinking about it everywhere you go – even when you are not in the studio! Ideas and inspiration flow effortlessly to you.
  • When you are working on your art you feel calm, centered and focused.
  • You know exactly what to do. You feel productive and on point in the studio.
  • You end your days satisfied with a day’s work well done.
  • You feel confident about your work and completely detached about whether other people like it or not. 
  • You are attracting opportunities for exhibiting and sharing your work on a regular basis. 
  • You have a full and supportive community of like-minded artists who help spur you forward and keep you focused on your purpose.


What results will you enjoy after immersing yourself in this comprehensive program?

  • You’ll feel a daily sense of purpose and on top of your dreams and priorities.
  • More confidence about your work and direction.
  • Excited about doing your work and sharing it with the world.
  • You’ll have an established commitment to regular studio practice.
  • You’ll have the support you need to move forward like never before.
  • Greater peace – you’ll be doing all this in a sane, balanced and healthy way.

During the Artist Mentorship program, my sense of self expanded considerably. My greatest success was establishing my own measurements of what success means, what an artist is, and then to start living them.

This program is authentic, inspired and rigorous. Its very design catalyzes growth. I went from working irregularly, with minimal output, to working daily, completing projects that had been “works-in-progress” for years. Moreover, the daily practice not only improved my technical skills, but also deepened my creativity.

The program guides artists on how to anticipate and recognize the trials surrounding art making as being fuel for further and deeper success. What might be thought of or dealt with as an obstacle or deterrent, I was able to re-script through Michele’s teachings. I’m speaking of everything from how to market one’s self, to how to get a certain effect with acrylics; Michele’s knowledge is applicable and nurturing.

Further, the community component of the program is an extremely effective means of gaining a diverse and candid support/critique group. Inspiration and excitement flourish on the group forum.

Millicent Zimdars
Portland, Oregon, USA


Before the Mindful Artist Mentorship Program I was feeling very scattered and unorganized… not happy with my art making and frequency.

[Now], when I get stuck or off track I feel like I have more tools to get me going again. I also learned how important even small windows of time are!

The course is very helpful in facilitating both the art side and the business side of an art career. I love the positive, energetic, and very ‘mindful’ way that Michele approaches the teaching of the course.

Loren Griffin

London, Ontario, Canada


I used to be exactly where you are now…

In my early years as an artist, I was determined and enthusiastic, yet I suffered from self-doubts that left me paralyzed both in the studio and in the business side of my art.

I would go in my studio and feel like I was being crushed by critical voices in my head. I didn’t believe my work was any good. Sometimes I would feel a sense of exhaustion when I went to make art for no reason I could understand. I did begin to submit my portfolio and enter shows here and there but I had a random, inconsistent approach and absolutely no follow-through.

I bumbled along, taking every class and reading every book I could find about being a professional artist. I got largely the same advice from each course or book, but what I didn’t get was the confidence or a clear strategy to follow through on much of it.

The problem was, there wasn’t ANYTHING available out there that could teach me the ENTIRE process it would take to create a satisfying and joyful life as a professional artist.

Now, let’s FAST FORWARD to my life now…

Now, my life is exactly the one I used to dream about…

Years ago, I wrote out a vision of what I wanted for myself as an artist. At the time, I was working in a tiny, dark basement studio of my apartment, I had perhaps sold one or two pieces ever, and had a few group shows to my name. Now that I look back, it is amazing how so much of what I dreamed of has unfolded. (I’ll show you, too, exactly how to do this.) My life is still a work in process and just like my studio work, it is continually evolving but I am amazed out how much has come to pass.

My first studio out of college was a desk in the hallway between my living room and kitchen. I used to dream of a big spacious studio with big windows allowing lots of natural light and a view of trees outside and now that’s exactly where I work!

My other dream was to travel around the world and share my work. To date, my artwork has been exhibited and collected in seven countries . I have shown work across the United States and I have been able to travel as an artist, as was my wish, connecting with artists and art lovers all over this beautiful planet. My work is appreciated by many and I feel confident and sure about my work.

I am (amazingly) no longer blown this way and that by other’s opinions. I am confident in my work and its value. I have worked with galleries who sought me out, rather than the other way around.

I have an amazingly supportive community of artist friends who are my lifeblood. Learning from and growing side by side with them means the world to me. I count among my friends and colleagues wonderfully innovative artists who truly inspire me and are really making a difference creating a major impact on the contemporary art world.

I have sold my work for sums I never even dreamed of before – even while other people were experiencing a recession. And most importantly, as I wrote years ago before I was even living it yet:

Creativity flows out of me easily and effortlessly.

You see this connection to what I call my creative Source means more than anything to me. It means I am able to take risks and be continually expanding my practice moving my work forward in meaningful ways.

And here’s something even sweeter that I wrote  in my vision of what I wanted to create in my life:

Each day brings me much joy and love and excitement.

I can honestly say this is completely true for me now.



When I started the program I felt that I wasn’t doing art AT ALL. I now have what I consider a regular practice, I feel more confident and more appreciated. And more generous!

I am much less panicky and self-recriminative, and I recognize my own process. I have discovered a clarity and thread to my work I had not recognized before. I have been getting praise and support on my work from unexpected sources. Shocking! Unfamiliar! Wonderful!

I also recognize who I am as a helper, teacher, friend, in a much less competitive way.

Laurie Miller, Berkeley, California

Before the Mindful Artist Mentorship Program I was an emerging artist and an introvert, had studio time when I had finished taking care of everything and everyone else in the house. Quite often would put off making art to care of other things that I thought were a priority.

As a result of following the mentorship program Had my first sale EVER last month. Sold 2 pieces more 2 days after that! Was accepted into 3 juried shows, first 3 I had ever submitted to. I have delegated more tasks to my family and with their support, I “quit” my job as domestic engineer (a.k.a stay-at-home-mom) on my birthday to devote myself to being a full-time artist!

The special studio assignment… was life changing for me and I’ve decided to implement it every other month.

We are so lucky to be walking with Michele. For this artist to impart her knowledge of what she has learned along her path is so selfless and kind. The information is gold.

Christine Smith

Langley, British Columbia, Canada





Because I am so passionate about teaching and sharing what I know, I have taken what I have developed over years of trial and error and distilled it into a step-by-step program that addresses ALL aspects of an artist’s life.

This sequential step-by-step program has brought other aspiring artists through a complete transformation and I’d like to help you, too.
I share everything that has helped create my success, from the most practical organizational and business tools, to my deepest spiritual knowledge and experience honed over 25 years of daily meditation practice and spiritual studies, to my consistent art practice of three decades.

Course Outline

June 25
Group Call - Introduction
& A Certain Tiny Ecstasy Book
Before the program starts, you’ll join the forum, upload your photo and pictures of your artwork.
On Monday, June 25 We’ll gather for a group call to meet everyone, ask questions about the program, and jumpstart your participation.
July 2
Module 1
The Incredible Power of Your Conscious Intention
You’ll get to dream big and create a clear vision of your ideal life as an artist.

Discover those hidden mindsets and thought habits that are keeping you from having the life you want.

If you don’t have a studio, learn to create one, no matter how little space you have.

Start your studio journal where you can dump all your mental crap before you start working.We’ll also have our first group call where you will be able to submit questions for me in advance on any aspect of your artistic life, get support for what you need or share your triumphs!
July 9
Module 2
Successful Artists’ Secrets: Habits & Practices
The successful artists aren’t disorganized and flaky, they have systems and habits that allow them to be creative and enable them to keep on top of stuff.

Create systems that work for you – that speak to your creative and visual nature.

Commit to a regular studio practice.

Learn how to plan your days and weeks so you don’t lose track of what you meant to do.

Eliminate distractions and clutter to create more time and space for creativity.
July 16
Group Call-In
& Special Studio Assignment
You’ll email questions to me in advance of the call. This is during the period of the Special Studio Assignment
July 23
Module 3
Oh No! I can’t Seem to Get Myself to the Studio! Dealing with Avoidance
Cut through the negative self-talk and create a thought climate conducive to your creative genius!

Kick-start a torrential flow of new ideas.

My secret creative ritual that gets me in the right head-space to create.
July 30
Module 4
What is this Creativity Thing and How Do I Get More of It?
What rings your creative bells and how to get more of it into your life.

Dealing with your inner critic.

Re-train your brain to support genius thinking.
August 6
Group Call-In &
Implementation Week
Email questions at least 24 hours in advance. Also use this week to catch up on previous assignments
August 13
Module 5
How Not to Ignore the Most Powerful Tool You Have – Embracing Constructive Feedback
Reflection – it’s not just a waste of time.

Getting CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

Critiques that leave you super-charged, not deflated.

Taking it in stride – reframing negative feedback.
August 20
Implementation weekNo new assignments. Time to review material and catch up to previous modules, meet with your accountability partner and work on a plan for your next steps.
August 27
Bonus Module- CommitmentAs the program winds up, listen to a talk on what it takes to keep moving forward during the natural ups and downs you will encounter.
September 4 (Tuesday)
Final Group Call-InEmail Questions 24 hours in advance.

I feel that this program has been extraordinary. I am amazed at the quantity, quality and type of information that Michele has shared with us. I find myself constantly repeating her tips to other artists and writers that I know.

Michele Théberge’s crystal clear vision of the artist’s life shed a full spectrum light on my quest to become a more productive artist and an engaged member of my local community of artists. I am now on that road full-time.

The program introduced me to new perspectives that helped me create more work with less distraction and a better sense of satisfaction. 

Michele’s on the spot responses to real issues, that I and/or other members of the group were facing, were wise and comforting, making an indelible personal impression. I find myself daily referring to what I learned from her.

Most importantly, Michele’s strong and gentle presence inhabits every aspect of the Artist Mentorship program. I can’t praise enough her thorough attention to detail in setting up the technical aspects of the program and in the preparation of the information shared. Beyond that, Michele’s generosity in wanting to share all that she has learned on her own path is truly remarkable.

Patricia Churchill
Vashon, Washington, USA

You’ll feel so supported as you get this training on what it is to live as an artist every day.
Here’s what’s included:

  • Five information-packed mp3 seminars on topics listed above. ALL the seminars are recorded so you can download them and listen at any time!

  • Each module is accompanied by a packet of interactive pdf worksheets, my top-notch templates I still use all the time and indispensable resources and checklists.

  • You’ll also get practical exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.

  • We want to make the experience as easy as possible. If you are busy or on vacation, everything can be downloaded and listened to or followed up on at a later time.

  • Tools that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

  • All materials are available on a private, members-only site.

  • Three 75-minute group calls where you can ask me questions and get feedback specific to your situation.

  • An accountability partner – If you choose, you will be paired up with another artist in the program with whom you will check-in via phone each week – one of the most accelerating and amazing tools I use in my life on a weekly basis. I want you to experience this, too!

  • A private, password-protected online forum where you can connect with the other artists in the program, chat, get extra support, share work, receive feedback, share resources, post art images, celebrate victories!

  • Do-able weekly assignments to help you gain clarity and momentum as an artist.

  • The successful artist’s essential tool kit:
    • My full library of the most useful artists resources, books, a
      rticles, websites, etc. 
    • The time management template that changed my life (No, I’m not kidding! and I was already super-organized.)
    • The weekly ritual  that has made a huge difference in feeling on top of my priorities and goals .

Bonus item No.1 — eBook: A Certain Tiny Ecstasy

As soon as you register you’ll receive a copy of my book: A Certain Tiny Ecstasy: Life as a Visual Artist (in pdf format)– a carry-it-with you source of inspiration with twenty-seven helpful essays sharing what I have learned about navigating the creative process and the joys and unique challenges 
of an artist’s life.



Bonus item No.2 — mp3: Studio Meditation

A deep, relaxing meditation I made to help ground you and prepare you for work in the studio and to deeply connect you to  you innercreative genius. This is a simple meditation as useful to those with years of practice as to the absolute beginner. Backed by soothing music to help you reach deeper brain states conducive to innovative thinking and creativity.


Bonus item No.3 – Mindful Artists’ Photoshop Training & Manual

In this day and age, having stellar documentation is essential to your career as an artist. Learn how to make your work shine and save money by doing your own image editing. Don’t waste time taking an expensive and time-consuming class in Adobe Photoshop. Shortcut straight to the essentials with this simple-to-follow video training. The accompanying manual will take you step-by-step through editing your images so they stand out and make an excellent impression.

Bonus item No.4 – Clutter Clearing and Studio Organization Training for Artists

Getting rid of stuff is never easy. But it will give you a fresh start and clear valuable mental space for creating. In this 3-part training series, I walk you by the hand through the process. I take you inside my studio and show you exactly how I make the decisions.
This series should get your fired up and inspired to tackle your own piles and messes!


Level 1: The Mentorship Program Complete with All The Fixin’s

Tuition $497 

Registration is Closed for this Year.

Please sign up here if you’d like to be notified

the next time the mentorship program is offered.


Level 2: The Mentorship Program DELUXE Model – Lots of Individualized Support Specific to YOU!

All of the above PLUS:One-on-one Specialized Coaching

  • Twice each month you and I will have a 30-minute private phone coaching session in which I will offer you support on every level.
  • We’ll delve into whatever might be holding you back in your career and studio practice.
  • Since I’ll get to know you more personally, I can tap into bigger ideas and projects and opportunities that you may not have seen on your own. Help you get clear on your goals and set a strategy for the future.
  • Here’s where you can get a successful professional artist’s perspective on your unique contribution and how to bring it forth more fully in the world.
  • You will also benefit from my deep intuitive connection as we go deeper into your unique gifts and purpose. We are going to help you clear away and blocks become so focused and passionate to propel you forward like never before.

Editing and Feedback on Artist’s packet.

  • You’ll be able to submit your resume, artist’s statement or portfolio for feedback and review. Whatever your priority is now, share it with me and I’ll email you detailed written comments to help take these important documents up another notch. 

Follow-Up Session

  • At the end of the program, together we’ll strategize on your goals and commitments. After the program ends, we will schedule another private session to help keep you right on track.

Tuition $1297

Registration is closed for this year.

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the next time the mentorship program is offered: