| Motivation to Create! Six reasons to go make stuff NOW! |

We all need a little push now and again. Sometimes we’ve just gotten busy and neglected making art for a little while or maybe we had a job or were raising children and neglected it for a good long while.

Whatever the reasons, here is some inspiration to help get you back to work! If not RIGHT this moment, then hopefully sometime in the very near future!

  1. Think how good you’ll feel when you do!
  2. Only by doing it will you be able to move through ‘the wall’ to free creative energy.
  3. You need creative time to bring out the best in yourself.
  4. The Butterfly Effect – Your creativity effects other in ways you will never know. You don’t have to be a “famous” artist to have an impact. Just think of how we are still affected by the cave paintings done over 6,000 years ago by anonymous early humans or the baskets, weavings, ceramics, etc. created by people in civilizations who predate ours.
  5. It’s an antidote to consumerism. Adds to the good in the world.
  6. Creativity connects you to something greater than yourself.

Now go make something. NOW. Go do it! Even if it’s just for 10 minutes! Yay!!

If you’ve been missing making your art, share below and let us know which reason resonated the most with you?

What are some other reasons you can come up with to do your creative work?


Responses to “Motivation to Create! Six reasons to go make stuff NOW!”

  1. Sue Sullivan

    I love this Michele! One of the things that helps me to get back into something I haven’t done for awhile is to acknowledge what I have been doing in that area but haven’t noticed. This holiday season, I wasn’t drawing and painting. But I was decorating, working with our landscaper to implement my landscape design, expressing myself publicly about politics, and making up new cooking recipes. These are all creative.

    After watching your video, I realized that I have a “should” around my drawing and painting which stifles me from flowing into and out of it like I do with my other creative expressions. I realized that my expression as an artist is more varied than some. I’m more like Leonardo Di Vince. I don’t need to feel bad that I’m not designing a landscape when I’m painting. Nor do I need to feel bad that I’m not painting when I’m designing a landscape. This may sound obvious, but it’s a revelation to me! ❤️

    • Michele Theberge

      Sue! I can relate to that! I am learning more and more each day to trust the energy and inspiration I receive and let go of those pesky “shoulds” ! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Diana Rawson

    Michelle I can relate to your last perceptive comment – ‘Creativity connects you with something greater than yourself’ .When you paint, you retreat to a happy space endless with possibilities to communicate.

  3. Claudette

    Hello Michele,
    I started doing a bit of painting with acrylics over the summer thanks to a good friend who has been painting for many years now. Neither one of us had realized that I was still grieving my career as a musician, and that for at least 20 years now. Over the years I developed severe arthritis in my hands, lost my voice and am now gradually going deaf. I had been playing the piano/singing since I was four years old and taught music most of my life. I’m 72 now.
    Picking up a paint brush – and a few other things! – and applying color to canvas, has given me a whole new way of expressing myself. I do have other activities and am a passionate reader, but am gradually letting my inner child play with what she calls her “colors”. I do find excuses not to paint, but also sit down on a whim and just let the colors speak.
    You are so right that our world needs everyone’s creativity. It will find it’s way back to sanity through the contributions of artists – and saints 🙂

    Keep up the good work of gently challenging us be the very best “selves” that we can be through the power of creativity.

  4. Wendy Thieler

    Thanks, Michele! These are good and useful thoughts. I’ve had the artistic blahs lately–holidays? election?, all of it. I’m ready now to dive back in. Thanks for your timely reminders.

  5. Deborah

    Michelle – thank you for the inspiration; you always say just the right thing to motivate me to get back into my art room and create!


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