How do we define success?

When I mentioned in a video that I had my own definition of success, someone asked me to elaborate on that and explain what success means to me.

So I began working on an article for this blog on a new definition of success. And there was so much to it, I realized. I wrote and wrote and still I couldn’t seem to wrestle the topic into a coherent, brief article. So I decided to make one short video on one aspect of success with the intention of creating more in a series.

In it I share a personal, very atypical success story that illustrates what I mean.

And if you are interested here’s the other video I referenced:

Were you raised with the message that you needed to be recognized or receive money for your art for it to be valid?

Do you feel pressure from the world outside you to prove your worth to others?

Have you analyzed what makes you feel good about being an artist?

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