| Discover New Ways to Use Pouring Medium |

In many of my pieces I use Liquitex Pouring Medium.  This material can be poured on for a crystal clear, glossy surface or tinted with acrylic inks to create a multi-layered effect.  I’ve been working with it for years and am always excited to show you new techniques!

I’ve created several videos in the past where I talk about this “effect medium” (as Liquitex calls it), answer your questions, and experiment in real-time.

In these videos you’ll learn:

  • how to use Liquitex Pouring Medium to finish your paintings with a smooth, clear, glossy finish.
  • how to tint the pouring medium with acrylic inks
  • vital tips and tricks
  • answers to questions from artists just like you!


Watch all 13 videos by clicking “play” on the playlist below!


Responses to “Discover New Ways to Use Pouring Medium”

  1. Diane Madsen

    Thank you for this video. I have already bought my supplies!

  2. Denise Spillane

    Love these videos, thank you.

  3. Karen

    Thanks for awesome and easy to follow videos! I can’t wait to try this method of pouring. Just ordered my acrylic inks!

  4. Lisa penson

    Hi Michele

    I have come home from my studio feeling very uninspired – your website is just what I need right now to feel inspired again – thank you!


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