Create a Consistent Studio Practice

Don’t you just love being read to? I do! I loved it as a kid and I still love it as an adult. Just one of the many reasons I love to listen to audio books.

My little holiday gift to you – I’m reading a chapter from my book Seven Essential Practices for the Professional Artist: Create a Studio Habit – Consistency

I hope this gives you a little boost to get in the studio if you’ve been having trouble making that a regular habit.

Many artists I’ve worked with struggle to create regular time for art making. It seems as if everything else always gets in the way!

It’s easy to fall into this trap. Why should it be so hard when it’s what you love to do?

One reason is that many creatives, in all fields, have a highly developed inner critic. But it can be a problem when you let this inner critic run rampant in the early stages of creating something.

We also doubt that we have ideas that are worthwhile. I’d like to go on record as saying even if only ONE person in this world benefits from your studio practice – YOU –  the entire world has benefitted. You are no more important or less important than every other being on this planet. Your happiness, satisfaction and sense of deeper connection with All-that-is that creative practice engenders spills out and touches all in your circle. When you have it in you to be creative and you fulfill that promise, it feels as if everything is right in the world. Have you notices? And in turn your family, friends and colleagues get a happier more fulfilled version of you. Then they in turn touch every one else in their circles with a greater sense of satisfaction and peace and so on.

I’ve found it highly beneficial when stuck in the studio and having trouble getting jump started to have a commitment to regular, inviolable studio time. Even fifteen minutes a day makes a huge difference!

Creativity is like a muscle. Use it regularly and it gets stronger, firmer, more toned and ready for action.

Once you cultivate this regular practice, it becomes like a loyal friend. It will not let you down it will be a comfort and solace in the good times and not-so-good times.

If you have your own ideas to share about how having a regular habit of getting into the studio has helped you, please do in the comments below!

Or perhaps consistency has never worked for you and you prefer a more sporadic studio practice – let us know about that! There is no ONE way for every artist. The mindful artist community is designed to help you find YOUR unique path to a satisfying and enjoyable life as an artist.

By the way, Iris mentioned in the comments that she hadn’t realized the book was available in print. If you are in Canada, you can purchase copy directly from the publisher, Editions FrI, and have lower shipping costs. (The may even have a few signed copies left!)!m…
Or you can get it here on Amazon:

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Drawing Kit Giveaway December 2014

I’ve been cleaning up my studio and deaccessioning many of my supplies. I  put some of the nicest things aside to giveaway in the coming months to you, my loyal subscribers. Here’s a video I made talking about different types of charcoal and erasers and what they are used for as well as showing you the other goodies in the kit.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to complete your entry.
1. Like this video and mention in comments below that you are entering.
2. Share one of your favorite videos or blog posts I’ve made on social media and please mention in your post why you like the video.
3. TAG me on Facebook Michele Theberge artist
or Twitter @MicheleTheberge so I see it.
That’s it! Once you do those 3 things you’re in and I’ll contact you on January 7, 2015 if you’ve won. I’ll announce the winner in the next giveaway video.

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New Year Studio Declutter!

This fall I got on a big decluttering kick. Many people have told me how much the videos and tips on organizing and decluttering helped motivate them, so I decided to share my latest strategies and discoveries in a new video.

Let me know what you think and please share your ideas for keeping your space orderly if that is the space you work best in OR if you work best in a more cluttered space, tells us about that, too!

For some, watching a quick video is enough but if you’re like me having someone break thigns down into smaller tasks and assignng them one by one makes all the difference.

I’d like to help those of you who

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