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I will admit it. I am obsessed with packing light. Probably because I am on the road about 25% of the time the past few years and also because I’m mad for organization and streamlining. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a minimalist. I like to have all I need, all the comforts, amenities and as many of the fashion options and conveniences of home on a packable scale.

That said, I have no desire to lug any 3 foot (1 metre) canvases or 32 ounce (1 litre) bottles of pouring medium with me on vacation so I do pare it down quite a bit for travel. I usually work on paper with paint or gouache when I travel so I have the satisfaction of working with a brush and wet media which I adore but in a far more portable format.

I made a video for you showing how I have edited down my travel art supplies and how I pack them so they fit neatly on the top of my 22″ rolling suitcase.

What about you? Do you like to take art supplies with you when you travel? Do you keep it to a sketchbook? Or something more involved?

Responses to “How to Pack Light for Travel – Art Supplies”

  1. Sioux

    Great video on packing painting supplies, Michele!

    My husband would have appreciated it before I used half of one of his suitcases for my supplies on our 31 day cruise! I even packed a plastic tablecloth to protect the bed when I painted tropical island scenes on individual windshield shade circles for our Waiter and Assistant. They fought over who would get the one with the closest island! It was a great way to have a large “canvas” that folds up into a lightweight compact size. And they could “tack” or tape them in their rooms to have a portable “porthole view”.

    And you look fabulous…Hawaii agrees with you!

    • admin

      Hey Sioux! You crack me up! And I’m so glad your husband is so supportive of you traveling with your art supplies and your idea for the windshield shades is so fun. How kind of you to gift that to your waiter and assistant. I bet other folks would like to know where you got these windshield shades to paint on. If you have that info and can share it here. That would be great!

  2. Sue Sullivan

    I love this, Michele! I’m going to check out the Alvin mesh bags. PS. I have the same travel watercolor case. I love it!!

  3. Elisa Choi

    I take my sketchbook and pen with whenever I travel or go outside. Thanks for sharing your video on packing light with art.. i love it!

  4. Marge Knyper

    Wonderful! Now I am ready to go somewhere!

  5. Gail LoBello

    Thanks Michele for sharing your packing lightweight info. My back and my minimal suitcase size will most benefit from your experience and expertise in this journey. Happy Painting.

  6. Shirley Fox

    I, too, have been using the W&N paint box for years. I actually bought the kit with the case and the small water bottle. Great for travel! I’ll have to get one of those Alvin cases and try your method of packing art paper. Thanks for the info.


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