Why I Hate Ron Howard












I’ve got nothing against Ron Howard, really. Opie was a cute kid. But, forgive me, so far I can’t stand anything directed by the man. I find his style sappy and emotionally overwrought.

OK. That’s about as critical and mean-spirited as you will hear me get publicly. I even struggled with using the word hate in my title. In truth, I don’t hate anyone but I’m trying to make a point here.

I picked Ron Howard because I know he can take it and I know he’s probably a really wonderful and totally sincere guy who could care less what I think. And he has touched millions of lives with his work over decades of service as an actor, writer, director and, producer.









In fact, I’m certain many of you LOVE Ron Howard. (And if I insulted you with my opening paragraph, I apologize.)

I know many of you love mushrooms, too.

Can’t stand ‘em myself.

What I am trying to stay here is taste is purely subjective.

And that’s all it is. Taste.

Feel free to ignore the people who will try to tell you their taste is the taste. The correct taste. (Ahem – art teachers, professors and critics.)

As you send your work out into the world, some people will LOVE it.

Some will hate it.

Some will say “Meh.”

That doesn’t mean your work is good.

Or bad.

Or even Meh.

It’s just your work. It’s the work you do.

So when everyone is patting you on the back and giving you shows and buying your work it doesn’t necessarily mean you are brilliant.

And if NO one is paying attention and you continually get rejected neither does it mean your are an idiot who should give up and go do something else.

It means nothing.

It’s just ego stuff.

Because you love this thing so much – creating, making, innovating, birthing new projects.

To continually evolve and pull ideas from deep within.

To craft and hone and love them.

Your work is a gift of love to the universe and to yourself. (You are, after all, an integral part of the universe.)

Keep on, friend.



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What Inspires You?

In this feature, each month artists share one thing that excites them creatively.

One key piece to support healthy, productive creativity is stimulating inputs. What kinds of things stimulate the creative centers of the brain? What kind of inputs stimulate us visually? Emotionally? Spiritually? Mentally? Physically?

I’d really like to know, what’s one thing that fills your creative cup? Share with us in the comment section below.



What Inspires You?

Laureen Marchand

What inspires me?


Throughout my career as a painter, I have explored the relationship of the self to the spirit. Recently I’ve used images of dried roses to reflect on ideas related to beauty, loss, and the passage of time. There are some lines in a 1980s song by Leonard Cohen and Jennifer Warnes, Song of Bernadette, that I think capture the part of the human spirit that inspires me most:

We’ve been around, we fall, we fly

We mostly fall, we mostly run

And every now and then we try

To mend the damage that we’ve done



Loss, beauty, time, and in a very small way, transcendence. So human.

Laureen Marchand


What Inspires You?
Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz


Whenever I enter my studio, I am immediately drawn to the window. I never know what awaits there.  Will it be a family of deer strolling through the pines as fresh winter snow blankets the landscape?  Perhaps, a raccoon will stare at me with curiosity from behind the glass, wondering about my activities, as flowers bloom all around.   The other day, I saw a tiny toad trying to take shelter from the rain.
My backyard is such a muse.  I can’t get enough of its gifts. Thanks to the studio window, I am able to watch the most delightful and inspirational nature show to never be broadcast on television.

My art is all the better for this amazing opportunity.

Vas Littlecrow
Website: http://vaslittlecrow.com/

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