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Have you ever heard an artist to say, “I love the hours I spend on my computer, applying for shows, writing my artist’s statement, organizing my images and responding to emails. It’s so much FUN!”?

Almost every artist I know would rather be in the studio, hands in the materials, making stuff.

The administrative and business work associated with being an artist is tedious to most creative types and sometimes downright loathsome.

This can result in putting things off until the last minute, and then rushing through them, subtly (or overtly!) resenting the task at hand, and feeling pressed for time.

In this video, I share some methods I’ve developed for keeping the same sense of balance and expansiveness when working on my computer as I experience in my meditation practice.

Our brains can get caught up in the task at hand, so I read these two phrases to myself to connect with my deeper, overarching intentions throughout the day. Just reading them to myself, shifts my consciousness and attitude.

I experience the spaciousness of time as I work on my computer.

I take frequent pauses to check in with my deeper self.

Here is the link for the free download of the meditation timer I mention (for Mac users):


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Responses to “Create Spaciousness in Your Work Day (and Spare Your Eyesight at the Same Time!)”

  1. Lucy Ames

    Thank you so much for sharing your practices, techniques and insights, Michele. I so appreciate your generosity!

  2. Anne Gudrun

    Thanks Michele! I really needed those tips… and I love the chime!

  3. Christine

    Hey Michele,
    Loved your video. That is on my list of “learn how to do’s”. I especially liked how casual and real it was–like I was sitting there with you! looking forward to meeting you sometime in the near future.

  4. Marge knyper

    I think the meditation timer is great. I ca’t download it on my iPad but I am definitely going to put it on my other computer. Thank you!

    • Michele Theberge

      Hey Marge!
      I don’t have an ipad but I am guessing there might be some apps out there that would function as a meditation timer or some other kind of timer.
      I do have an iphone thought and I use the timer on that all the time. I click on the clock icon and then can select timer there and set it for any length of time. If you find any better solutions for ipad users, please post them here for everyone to see. Thanks!


  5. Tonya


    I loved your video! Perfect reminder to breath, relax and give you eyes and mind a moment to catch up. We get so busy trying to “beat the clock” with blinders on, that we miss out on so much. Not to mention the damage we do to our eyes and body.

    Can’t wait to check out the timer!



  6. Terry Runyan

    Love this reminder! Thanks so much Michele!

  7. Terry Runyan

    Thanks again Michele! Unfortunately the link for the timer does not seem to work. I tried it on Firefox and Safari with no luck.

  8. Rudi

    Thank your, dear Michele, great an lovefull solution for a real problem
    kind regards from Germany


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